The Reformation Polka–Happy Reformation Day

On this day in 1517 Martin Luther nailed the 95 thesis to the door in Wittenburg Germany igniting the Reformation (yes I know I am glossing over it a bit) and eventually started the Lutheran Church.  To fill in the gaps here is the Reformation Polka (or if you are interested in a bit more here is an explaination of what they are talking about for those of you who slept through Conformation).  If you want even more, and to still be entertained I recommend Luther the movie.


I wish that the iphone would be on more services then just AT&T (like say verizon).  I want it even more now after seeing the latest bit of google wizardry.  The iphone now has google earth (as if google maps weren’t enough) It makes use of the location services as well as the movement sensors to give a really cool and sexy use of the iphone interface.  Or, at least that is what it looks like in the video (below)

Netflix on a mac near you?

Netflix announced today that they are expanding their streaming video service to include Macintosh OS X (sorry only the Intel ones). This is being made possible by Microsoft Silverlight (the same technology that carried the Olympics over the Internet). The viewing service has been a windows only due to the odious DRM that Hollywood requires. Hopefully this signals the start of a move towards more platform independent video service. (fingers still crossed for Linux sooner rather then later) Netflix has also added a lot of videos from Stars on Demand and CBS (woot now I can watch new NCIS and CSI with out commercials) Hulu and abc are nice but no commercials is better!

Happy Reformation Sunday

I know this is a bit late, but homework called… To commemorate Reformation Sunday (for those of you who are non Lutherans this is the commemoration of when Martin Luther nailed the 95 thesis to the door).

The youtube video of the day is written by a band named Lost and Found, the song was originally sung at the  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America national youth gathering. (I just happened to be there and it was awesome).  For those of you who are wondering that is what the “every single one of you” is referring to at the end of the song… (here are the full lyrics).