Youtube a cappella

I have always been a sucker for barbershop and a cappella music, and thanks to youtube I can feed my addiction.  I want to take this moment to share a little of what I found on the interwebs with you all…

Today’s clip is a salute to John Williams and Starwars featuring segments from greats like Close Encounters of the 3rd kind, and Jaws, this one is nothing short of awesome!

for more about this clip, a mp3 version and words you can go and visit

Kudos this one is awesome!

A family that drinks together

My freshman year I had a roomate, lets call him chinstrap, who had a motto a family that drinks together stays together.  Lets just say that chinstrap was drunk every Thursday through Saturday.  In fact, you knew it was bad when your floor mates would stop you on the way home and say “hey you may want to check to be sure that chinstrap is still alive, he was prety messed up tonight!”

Well good old chinstrap has nothing on a Indiana family that recieved 4 DUI charges. CBS News reports that a mom got pulled over for speeding and was driving under the influance.  The problem was her 1 year old son was with her, so the kids dad came to get him.  Yep he was drunk too!  Two other relatives that came were drunk and charged with OWI also before the non drunk Grandma was found (but she had been drinking also).

Wow, epic fail!

On the election

I admit that I am one of the “losers” who chose the wrong side. With that being said I, for one, welcome our new presidential overlord. Good luck Obama you need it. I am not happy about results but he is now president for 4 years and we should at least be gracious winners (and losers) the process and democracy works. God bless America

It is a great thing to see in this country that the worst we will have to go through is 4 years of a bad president before the people get a chance to change their mind and get him out of office. Yes the amount of damage that can be done can be great, but that is what the other checks and balances are for. (Though I am concerned with the Democrats having control over two of those checks and balances)

I feel that President elect Obama and Senator McCain each had good acceptance/concession speeches and are speeches that will go down in the history books just like the whole election season has.

Well America you elected him, now lets see if it was a good decision…