The engagement…

Andy and Jess

Just before Christmas Jessica and I finally decided to go the next step up and get engaged (well I asked her and she said yes…)  I just got arround to loading the pictures that her former roomate Kristin took for us, and they are now avalible at flickr.  I will post more about the engagement and how I asked her later when I have more time!

Apt and proxying

I will write a bit more about my network setup, however here is a little trick I came on today…

My current downgrade from the Iowa State network is to a 1.5 mb Quest DSL line and having multiple Ubuntu linux computers in the house this decrease in speed hurts when it comes time to update.

I already have a Squid Proxy in place and after a bit of google work I found the package apt-proxy which serves as a local psudo repo.  When requests are received if the local repo doesn’t have the file then it will go out and pull the package from the real repository.  You can also configure how long local copies are stored.

To install all I had to do was type sudo apt-get install apt-proxy.  After a little of configureing (the Umin servers are closer then the default proxy for me)

Finally I had to edit each computer’s apt source list replacing the current server with the local server… thus

deb-src hardy main restricted
deb http://proxy.lan:9999/ubuntu/  hardy main restricted

for more info you can read up on it at The Community Ubuntu Documentation


Sometimes change can be a good thing, other times change can be bad… I am not sure which I am at right now.  For those of you who didn’t hear I have transfered to DMACC this semester.  Why you ask?  For a long while I have been fighting to get through CS330 at Iowa State… with no luck.

Fast forward to now, I now have a small apartment all to my self at:

1815 6th Ave Apt 208
Des Moines, IA 50314

After I have some more time and a chance to unpack I will post some photos… until then here is a Google Maps Street View of the building.