Fortune Bot is back on line…

Twitter escultura de arenaphoto © 2009 Rosaura Ochoa | more info (via: Wylio)

After twitter switched over to oAuth and blocked regular authentication my cute little twitter bot that posted little quotes from the Linux program fortune was down and out.  Well not any longer! Thanks to the magic of Perl and the Net::Twitter::Lite Library @unix_quote is now tweeting out quotes several times a day.

Here are the steps I used to get Fortune Bot back on line:

First I had to install Net::Twitter::Lite via cpan, next I registered via for my API Key, finally click on the “my token” option to get your oath_token

use Net::Twitter::Lite;

my $nt = Net::Twitter::Lite->new(
consumer_key        => “”,
consumer_secret     => “”,
access_token        => “”,

access_token_secret => “”,
$quote = `/usr/games/fortune`;

Thanks to Semifor for the article that pointed me in the right direction!

Firefox 4.0 is live

i <3 firefoxphoto © 2008 laihiuyeung ryanne | more info (via: Wylio)

Firefox 4.0 is now ready for download, have you upgraded yet?

Primarily the first reason to upgrade is for security, as always the new version has at least in theory the least number of security holes for bad-guys to exploit. The other impressive upgrades in version 4 are:

  • Improved user interface, featuring the “Awesome Bar” and repositioning where tabs are to the top of the window
  • Sync to keep your mobile browser and desktop browser on the same page with regards to passwords, bookmarks, and history
  • Improved Preformance with the JägerMonkey JavaScript engine, plugin crash prevention, WebGL 3d rendering, and hardware accelleration
  • Better security and privacy, including the do not track flag
  • and much more!

You can even see the progress of people updating via Glow

Great Plains 10 and Windows 7

Buffalo on Bell Ranch, 11/1972photo © 1972 The U.S. National Archives | more info (via: Wylio)
While upgrading our first user to a windows 7 computer we ran into an error.  As part of the installation process GP requires the sa user to login using the Dynamics GP utilities.  This apparently requires admin access on your windows 7 machine.  Without this you will get the following non intuitive error:

An error occurred while using the BCP utility
An error occurred while using the BCP utility–Data was not correctly copied to the server. Please verify your odbc settings and that BCP has been correctly installed. Great Plains Utilities will now exit

The cure for this is to run the utility by right clicking, then selecting “Run as administrator” and all your problems will then go away.