Now with IPv6 goodness

Serverphoto © 2006 Tom Raftery | more info (via: Wylio)
That’s what I get for not following the blog of my VPS closely enough! Linnode now has upgraded to include native ipv6 ability.  What does this mean? As soon as I upgrade my DNS settings my server and this site will be a part of the future of the interent, that is it will have an ipv6 address. Now really what does that mean? Not much until isps start handing out ipv6 addresses.

Until then, you can always get one via HE though. The only problem is that it will be tunned back through your ipv4 connection.

Why should you care about ipv6? The world is running short of ipv4 addresses, the solution has been around for years, we just need to bite the bullet and make the transition. Proactive hosts like linode will help pave the way to make that happen.

Blackberry SOS

photo © 2008 Peter Clark | more info (via: Wylio)

I ran into a unique error today on a colleague’s Verizon blackberry world phone. It was reporting that it was in SOS mode after he had run down the batter.  After attempting the regular removing the battery, pulling the SIM card and reseating it (remember that it is a world phone so it has one) and rebooting several times I found that the network setting had been set to GSM only mode.  After setting it back to world mode everything worked fine and disaster was averted