End your time with AOL

AOL Spam x2photo © 2004 Jonas M Luster | more info (via: Wylio)
While AOL was a great mainstay of the early internet, it has gone mostly by the wayside.  It is hard to believe that there are still people dutifully paying the AOL bill each month for little or no benefit. If you decide that it is finally time to cut the cord and experiance the full internet, there are several ways to end your AOL service, I would reccomend using the Fax option however. It is quick and you don’t have to listen to the sales pitch trying to save you.

  • Via Phone, dial 1-800-984-6207 and ask for customer service
  • Via Fax, send a note with your name, address and account info stateing that you want to cancel service 1-703-433-7283
  • Or Via Snail Mail, send the same type of note to:

PO Box 65100
Sterling, VA 20165-8800

Good luck, you will need it!