To this day I still remember how to spell halloween by the old song we learned in elementary school.

It is that time of year when the pumpkins are being carved, and candy is handed out. Jess and I had a fun time carving some of the last two pumpkins available in Ankeny. (Walmart, Fareway, Homedepot, and almost everywhere else was out already except for Hyvee Drug by the time we bought pumpkins). But as you can see, they turned out great.

Eye see youGhosts

Jess also made monster cupcakes for a coworker’s party. These were decorated with her shaggy mum tip.
Jess's monsters

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Swimming In The iPool
After two years of Android on my HTC Eris, I found my way into the local Verizon store for a upgrade. I love android, however the hacked version that I had upgraded my phone to was not the most stable of systems (thanks HTC for never upgrading the os).
After looking at all my options 4g was tempting, however I have heard bad things about 4g and battery life. It was also not a major issue as I am usually in range of a wifi point.
I liked the features of the iPhone 4s including the upgraded processor, hd video, and Siri your automated personal assistant. As a devoted Star Trek fan I believe that natural voice interactions with computers are the future, especially while doing other tasks like driving.
My first feelings are that the shift over to iOS is going to take some adjustments, most notably a lack of google navigator. However over all I generally like it. Watch for more updates in later posts.