Odd Windows 7 icon issues, or how to delete your icon cache and regenerate it

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http://rootsoffreedomfestival.com/wwe-girls-sexy-videos Today I had an interesting issue with icons that were pinned to my start bar in windows 7 not appearing as the correct icon. Then I also noticed that files were not appearing as the correct icon in explorer windows, for example .doc files were looking like .wav files, however they were still being opened by the correct application.

http://dinnerbellfresh.com/jessica-rabbit-getting-fucked After some research, I found the cure was to delete my IconCache.db file and have the system regenerate it using the following procedure:

go here Save all open files as we will be rebooting your computer

  • Go to your start menu and type in cmd and hit return
  • Type the following commands:
  • taskkill /IM explore.exe /F
  • cd /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local
  • DEL IconCache.db /a
  • shutdown /r /f

nude water sking After the reboot, everything was back to normal!