The oddest things get you views

naked CX bike

A while back I wrote a blog post about how the “naked” X-ray scanners at the airport were a bunch of bunk, and how Adam Savage was able to accidentally carry sharp and “dangerous” tools on an airplane after going through one of them. It was a relatively brief post and I never thought it would be a big deal, however I never figured that google would pick it up and link the words Adam Savage and naked together. In this sad world there are apparently several people who search for “Adam Savage naked” and find their way onto my blog. To those of you who do, first I would like to say welcome, and secondly eww and Why?!

It just goes to prove that blog posts have a long tail, and the oddest turns of phrase come back to surprise you!

Revising bash history


One of the biggest flaws of using multiple instances of bash on most linux machines is that the last virtual terminal to close is the one that gets written to bash history. This last in way of recording history is one that causes issues especially when using tools like screen tmux or byobu Fortunately there is an easy update to your .bashrc file:

export PROMPT_COMMAND=’history -a’

The end result is that your bash history will be in chronological order of the commands being entered. While this may not always be the perfect solution it is in most ways better then the alternative of having large chunks of history lost to the ages.

Thanks to this blog for pointing me in the right direction.