How to configure Windows 8.1 and a Networked LaserJet 4 Printer

I have an old workhorse of a HP LaserJet 4 printer with a JetDirect Network Card. It may be 20+ years old and be rather cantankerous, however it still prints like a champ, toner refills for it are dirt cheep, and since I never print much, what do I really need a better printer for?
Laserjet says what?
Up until Windows 8, adding it as a network printer was not all that hard. The print drivers were bundled with the operating system, and all that was needed was to select it in the list. Well the times have changed, and Microsoft feels that it is time for the old horse to be put out to pasture along with all the other old PCL 5 printers. By default, Microsoft does not include pcl 5 drivers that can talk to the printer. Thankfully HP still provides a Universal PCL 5 Driver that will work at their site.
All you need to do, is download and decompress the installer. Finally follow the onscreen instructions to add the printer as a local tcp printer.
Hopefully that HP LaserJet 4 will last another 20 years!

Why it is important to watch your credit card or WTF is ATC*SYNAPSE

The scam truck

With all the breaches in credit card security lately I had us bank setup every account alert possible (talk about alarm fatigue). This morning I received a notification that ATC*SYNAPSE was charging me $36.00. Of course I immediately feared the worst, however after doing a little more research it was a recurring charge for Fitness magazine that my wife had signed up for for “free” while registering for a race.

Magazine stack

After doing a little checking $36 seemed rather high when Amazon was selling subscriptions for $5.99.
After a bit of googleing I was able to find the offending company behind this massive over charge, the Synapse Group they have an online service page if you want to cancel online or just call them at 203-595-8255

So the end of the story is that I called them, they are refunding the $36 and canceling our “order”. After they end we will be re-registering with a far cheeper subscription and saving money all around.