Mootools I have recently fallen in love with a Javascript toolkit for development.  One of the greatest problems with Javascript is it’s inconsisistancy across browsers.  What works on one browser fails on another.  This is quite frusterating especially when developing web 2.0 “Ajax” applications.  The solution to this problem is to use a javascript tool kit… there are plenty of different ones out there, and the one I ended up going with is the Mootoolkit.  It seems to be one of the more powerful options with many 3d effects ajax loading and just a simple way to address objects in the DOM. Developing an ajax page for displaying various html items I ran in to a small problem… any of the webkit browsers (Google Chrome, Apple Safari etc) fail when loading html… they all give an evil red box with “”This page contains the following errors: ”   After a little research I found the issue is with moo tools, apparently it is loading the html files as xml.  As a good little paranoid browser the webkit craps itself and stops display.  I was able to find a fix to make the display work (here).  With any luck they will have this fixed by the next release.

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