Flaw in Outlook 2003 with IMAP

Mailing Junk back to Junk Mailers

These days it seems like everyone has a crushing burden on in their email inbox. The other day I ran into a shortcoming of Outlook 2003 and IMAP. The only place that I found it documented was on a gmail support board, so I figured that I would better document it here.

Apparently Outlook stores the local cache of messages for IMAP servers in an older version of the .pst format that is limited to 2 GB.  Apparently this is due to an inability to use Unicode characters in IMAP and outlooks inability to translate.  As far as I have found there is no real fix to this issue except to divert some of your messages to a unsubscribed folder, fully delete deleted messages, or transfer some of your messages to a local .pst to get your filesize back under 2 GB.

This is the error message we were getting:

$filelocation has reached its maximum size.
To reduce the amount of data in the file, select some items that you no longer need and then permanently delete them by pressing SHIFT + DELETE. You could consider using the new outlook prsonal folders file (.pst) introduced with outlook
2003 that provides greater capacity for storing items and folders.

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