The joys of a server upgrade. 

After many years (too many) of sitting on the same old VPS at Linnode, I decided that it was time for a spring cleaning. I found a nice cheap VPS that was advertised on facebook for ~$10 a month (I know) for a not too bad amount of disk CPU and memory. The only drawback that I have really seen is that it only offers ipv4 addresses (what?! this is 2017) and it’s IP address is in a seedy neighborhood as apparently in a previous life it was an open proxy.


Now I just need to go through the process of migrating my web pages, databases and other files over and turn off the old VPS.

Thankfully I use CloudFlare so the lack of ipv6 and the crappy IP history does not bother me that much. Watch for future writeups on the migration process.

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